Dec 2, 2023
I love doing sexy photo shoots for you, and the videos are REALLY fun to do! But I also want you to see the casual side of my life, and get to know every part of me. I like going to the movies, and I�m really good at playing pool. I always take my little camera with me and take pictures or videos for you when I go out! All my diary entries have extra pictures or video clips of me in my daily life, and I update it every week for you!
Nov 25, 2023
When I need to go somewhere in Goa in a hurry, I drive my motorbike scooter. Cars are tough to maneuver with the small streets, and it helps me zip in and out of traffic, and rarely in there a delay. But don't think I am reckless; I don't want to crash and hurt myself! I always wear my helmet...
Nov 18, 2023
I'm guilty of eating a little fast food sometimes! A couple of days ago I went with Kalini to lunch at McDonalds. We were both craving the chicken sandwiches so during the lunch break between classes we walked over to the McDonalds to eat. Kalini was telling me about a new exchange student...
It’s illegal to play cards in India, but a lot of people sneak off & play a few hands! India is the home to many of the world’s greatest jewels. My favorite! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go into a bar once in a while. I don’t drink, but I love darts!