Jul 21, 2024
I love doing sexy photo shoots for you, and the videos are REALLY fun to do! But I also want you to see the casual side of my life, and get to know every part of me. I like going to the movies, and I�m really good at playing pool. I always take my little camera with me and take pictures or videos for you when I go out! All my diary entries have extra pictures or video clips of me in my daily life, and I update it every week for you!
Jul 14, 2024
It's a movie night together! We're going to relax together and want the love story 'Paheli'. It is the story of a woman who loves her husband so much, and wants to have his affection. A ghost comes and takes the form of her husband and they share wonderful love and time together! I made some...
Jul 7, 2024
I get so shy when I eat! Just kidding, I want to show you one of my favorite easy meals, Noodles! Ok, it's more of a snack but the perfect food to have while I am studying or just on the go. Today I am studying for a mathematic exam, so I need to keep my concentration on my homework. If I...
It’s illegal to play cards in India, but a lot of people sneak off & play a few hands! India is the home to many of the world’s greatest jewels. My favorite! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go into a bar once in a while. I don’t drink, but I love darts!